A Summary of the Environmental Actions Taken by the Liberals Since Winning The 2013 Election. Complete with Humorous GIFS.

When the Labor Party came into government during 2007 the…

Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Climate Change Commission were established


Kyoto Protocol was commissioned


They committed to a 20% renewable energy target to be achieved by 2020


and after a LONG debate over the price on carbon they persisted and got it passed in the senate


I’ll admit it wasn’t all good

There was that poorly planned Home Insulation Program.


But the Liberals have been in 6 months and

The Renewable Energy Authority, Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Climate Commission have all been either dismantled or had severe funding cuts.

I campaigned with the Australia Youth Climate Coalition on their Repower Australia campaign to get the Clean Energy Finance Corporations $10b renewable energy investment fund passed through parliament. I rallied and had conversations with 100’s of people and then they’ve just scrapped it all.


Yeah, so ….Thanks Tony


They’ve reduced the renewable energy target from 20% by 2020 to a mere 5%

Something else activists around the country, including myself worked hard to achieve.


They’re drafting plans to abolish the Price On Carbon


and they say they’ll be ‘reviewing’ the laws around marine park no-take zones… but we all know what that means


Meanwhile we have a handful of wealthy Australians weakening our unions and buying out media corporations


Gina Rhinehart is sitting back earning $600 a second apparently…


She’s somehow made Andrew Bolt her pet monkey


Clive Palmer is meant to be earning a measly $1.1b a year …probably saving for his dinosaur theme park which is super important – much more important than having an equitable society, apparently.


Tony is sitting on the front bench like


This is me whenever I see our Prime Minister in the public eye


Aren’t we meant to be proud of our politicians? I’m embarrassed…

This is the truth, this is what we are facing with right now


Our current leader Tony Abbott was quoted in 2010 saying

“The climate change argument is absolute crap, however the politics are tough for us because 80 per cent of people believe climate change is a real and present danger.”

Pretty much saying that they need to introduce policies targeted at climate change to win votes, not because he believes climate change is the real and present threat that it is.

Well Tony I’ll post some references to the scientific concensus supporting climate change at the end of this blog because I can’t stand having a Prime Minister who cannot understand straightforward scientific evidence.


I don’t blame you though because you also scrapped the science minister.


 I hope the Liberals start talking sense soon because I really don’t see whose votes they’re aiming for.

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Chugging Along

Recently our hot water system broke down, at first we thought it was just the pilot light that had gone out but no. So now we are clueless as to what is wrong with it and have no hot water, except that which we boil the old fashioned way of course. It’s not much of a bother right now as it’s summer so having a cold shower won’t hurt, I’m worried about what we’ll end up doing though come April. The thing is, even if we weren’t doing BNN this would be a tricky situation as a hot water system is rather pricey… a new one is upwards of $500 from what I’ve seen, and a decent second hand one (decent meaning good quality and doesn’t give us the feeling it’s going to fall apart in the next 5 years minimum) can be $270 or more. We simply wouldn’t be able to afford one, and us not being plumbers I don’t have a huge amount of confidence in buying a second hand one… we don’t know what we’re meant to look for.

So that’s one of the challenges we’ve had recently which has been playing on my mind.

We have been active though, I made two outdoor seats out of some plastic bread crates and then found some pillows from an old outdoor setting we had in the garage, they’re really comfortable and a good size for sitting outside with some friends.


I also got a good deal on two used, vintage, women’s bikes. I’ve always loved bike riding and we’ve both been working on our fitness so bike-riding is something we’ve both been enjoying. I do have to take them down to the bike store though and get them fine tuned, one of them needs the inner tube of both tires replaced, the other one has a bit of surface rust – easily fixed and both of the brakes need tightening.

LittlePops bike


BigPops bike



So that’s what has been going on with us the last 10 days or so, what have you been doing? 

Writing Wednesdays

This week I attempted the 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 writing exercise.

Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it up to page 7. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a poem that begins with that sentence and limit it in length to 7 lines.

I came across this idea and a few others I may use in a later post on the Huffington Post ‘Best Creative Writing Exercises’

The 7th book on my shelf was The Maze Runner (written by James Dashner), this is one of my very favourite books, it’s part of a series. I’m also very envious of its U.S. movie release this September – although I’m determined to get my hands on it some how.

So in bold below is the 7th sentence from the 7th page of the book and below it follow the poem which totals 7 lines (including the quoted text from the book). I’m not very good at poems, but I’ll give it my best shot.

An odd, dilapidated wooden building near one of the corners of the square contrasted greatly with the grey stone.

this place was strange, unfamiliar and eerie

But still he stood there, this was now his new home

So to make an impression he put on an act, acting happy and gleeful, not tired and weary.

It was time to begin, this was a fresh start

he sought refuge that night in the local tavern

and in the wee hours as the last drinks were called he finished is pint and preyed that this time he would not fall apart


Little Pop xx




Reflections on our journey so far

I thought I would share from my view some lessons learned in 2013. I am not one to make new years resolutions, when I do though I try and be honest with myself and keep them realistic + achievable.

Our journey so far has been exciting, as a parent I have enjoyed watching Little Pop face her challenges. Our BNN commitments came about at a time when I was unemployed and Little Pops 21st birthday was approaching. I have always tried hard to encourage Little Pop in her hobbies. We are surrounded by a family of artistic folk. When I was young I wasn’t good at knitting, but my nan (bless her) was so patient with me. She followed the pattern to a T – right down to the last instruction, I would start with 10 stitches and end with 21with a few holes here and there.

During my 50th year (and Littles 21st) I received an early present. With no money for a present, Little Pop handed me a lifeline.
“Mum for my 21st is it ok if you don’t buy me anything, actually I would like me gift to be not buying anything new for a year, in fact I would like my present to be not buying anything new for a year…”
I contemplated this idea in my head over the month leading up t her birthday, I didn’t think it would be too hard seeing as we had no money anyway and what we did have was going towards our mortgage and utility bills, but is it that simple?

We have now been doing BNN for almost eight months. Thankfully during that time I did get employed in full time work. Its not the kind of job I had in mind, but it pays the bills.

Little Pop and I are not saints, there have been occasions when we have slipped and bought new things but they are few and far between. We have definitely bought less in the last 12 months than we would normally, which means less stuff coming into the house and vice-versa. As a whole we have become much more aware of our consumption habits and normally walk away for a bit and have a think before buying – do we really need this? BNN has forced us to be more creative and think outside the box, find new ways of doing things (we loved hard rubbish week because we could go around collecting things we thought would make good raised garden beds, these ranged from pallets to old book shelves)

Gifts have been one of our biggest challenges. Many people although they are supportive of our challenge, are not so supportive when receiving second hand gifts. We try our hardest to please others and have found that giving something edible is often well received. Little Pop LOVES making chutney and jams for others and so far that has been one of our best BNN gifts we’ve come up with.

I have loved the BNN challenge, Little Pop has surprised me over and over again with her creativity. We have had many insightful conversations about how consumerism is played into you from such an early age through the media and making the conscious decision to go the other way by not buying into it has given us more time to enjoy experiences together which make us happy for much longer than any material item could.

we have done a lot of decluttering so far and I bite my lip at times when I see things she begged for being given away, but I also don’t see her asking for anything else. I also understand that if we hold on to everything we have we’d become hoarders, sometimes it’s better to just let go. I am very proud of Little Pop and what we have achieved as a team over the past eight months

We have a few projects on the go at the moment, we are cleaning out the third bedroom (formally the ‘stuff’ room… I’m not joking you couldn’t even get in there. We can see the floor now though!), I hope to turn it into a craft room where we can relax and enjoy our hobbies. We purchased a bulk lot of crates at the recycling centre and Are turning them into an outdoor lounge which we will share with you when it’s finished.

Do you have any good recycling projects going at the moment? We love hearing up-cycling stories for the garden, ours is small and we like to maximise it’s space.

Hugs and honey,

Big Pop 🙂


Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all :)

Well we here at ThriftyPop had a marvellous Christmas. We both love giving gifts even more so than receiving them and delighted in putting our heads together and making + buying second hand gifts for our loved ones.

Some of the things we came up with were

  1. A personalised engraved wine bottle
  2. Some first edition classic books (Big Pop received a collection of six first edition Enid Blyton novels, Gorgeous!)
  3. A 1963 original copy of The Amazing Spiderman comic book
  4. Big Pop also collects green Depression Ware glass so I bought her a nice bowl from the Waverley Antique Bazaar
  5. Experience based gifts such as cooking lessons, pampering packages, and deep water diving courses
  6. Charitable gifts to Oxfam and World Vision ❤

What we enjoyed the most was how little stress we felt going into the holiday season. We had a new focus, and that was spending time with our family catching up and connecting over the holiday period while we all had time to do so. Our gifts were all well received and it was wonderful to see how thoughtful others had been with buying us gifts we had many thoughtful gifts given to us including plants, charitable gifts, holiday park vouchers and locally made jewellery.

image image

Coming into the new year I will not be making any mind-blowing resolutions, I think I will make an effort to start slowing down and enjoying life a little more, I’m going to learn to put my phone down… or more shockingly turn it off. I want to go on more walks, check up on social media less and stop putting so much pressure on myself because there are only 24 hours in a day and its not always possible to get everything done.

No news is good news (I think)

Last night I lay in bed on ‘the thinking train’ as I like to call it (when you can’t sleep because your brain just won’t switch off) and my mind turned to this blog. I thought about how strange it is that our blog started as part of our commitment to buying nothing new because some friends of ours (The Fearse Family) who are embarking on the same challenge pointed out it would make us more accountable – and it sure has.

However I find that very few of our posts are actually about buying nothing new. I guess if we were constantly writing and whining about how we couldn’t buy the latest games console or something along those lines this would be pretty boring to read and would also show that we have learnt nothing from this experience, which isn’t true at all.

So I wonder, is no news good news?

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