Thanks !

Throughout our blogging journey we have received two awards and today we’d like to take the time to thank those who have been kind enough to nominate us for these as well as pass them on to a few of our favourite bloggers.

Firstly wayyyy back in May we received the ‘Wonderful team member readership award’ from Craft Enlightenment


Craftenlightenment were one of the first blogs to start following us who were not known friends or family. Like us, they had embarked on a 12 month journey exceot their was a little different… they planned to use all of the crafting materials and art supplies stored in their home craft work space within one year.

Secondly our friends The Fearse Family nominated us for a liebster award a few months back

The Fearse Family are partially responsible for why we embarked on this challenge in the first place. They have just finished their own BNN 12 month challenge and were the ones who initially inspired us to take this journey.


Both these awards require you to answer a set of eleven questions… since it was so long ago though I thought we would make our own up 🙂
Here goes…

Favorite TV show?

Little: Definitely New Girl with Zoe Deschanel but Big Bang Theory is a close second and I’ve also been getting into the show Community a lot lately.

Big: West wing or anything history, like ” Who do you think are or horrible histories

Where would you want to retire?

Little: somewhere pretty, small and isolated in Europe

Big: Tasmanian North Coast

Favorite time of the day?

Little: probably night time when I should be sleeping… like between 9pm-2am

Big: night time, but for work 2pm till 7pm

Favorite hobby:

Little: at the moment it’s home improvement… we’ve been doing a bit of work around the house lately

Big: reading, craft, genealogy, researching what life was like in the past.

Always wear your seatbelt?

Little: embarrassingly… I do often forget. Big Pop always reminds me though!

Big: Always , having lived in a time with no seat belts and flying from the back seat to the front as a small child.. It leaves an impression!

Pet Peeves?

Little: rudeness, spitting and people who eat loudly.

Big: People who think they are better than others, arguing to “win” , blaming issues you have today , without dealing with your past., Rudeness, hurting others to make yourself feel better. Impatient drivers. Parents who either overprotect their children or don’t take parenting as a serious responsibility and guide your children.

Favorite pizza topping?

Little: feta, pumpkin, pine nuts and chorizo sausage

Big: olives, beef.. No fruit on a pizza

Middle name

Little: Violet

Big: Shea

Biggest fear?

Little: failure

Big: Hmmm hard one, I am competitive and if set a task like to achieve, so I guess my insight shows , I am also afraid of’s in the genes.

Have you learnt anything from blogging?

Little: I have, I think our blog has been very helpful in terms of keeping us accountable throughout our journey thus far. I was nervous at first about blogging as I wasn’t too familiar with it… but it has been really nice to see and read the good vibes everyone puts out on each other’s blog. In my experience so far I’ve found the blogging community to be really pleasant.

Big: well it would be fair to say I haven’t over come a life time of struggling with dyslexia. Coming from a family of writers, I struggle to write anything let alone a public blog. Little pop encourages me and our biggest read blog was mine,. But I really struggle to write my thoughts and put them out for possible public scrutiny . I do need to just write it. Blogging is a great way to seek and receive ideas and feedback. In a unconnected world it’s a way to feel connected and part of a community.

Favorite post you’ve completed so far?

Little: It’s a tie between day two of ‘gift ideas we love’ where I wrote about how meaningful the gift of a tree can be and our most recent post ‘what not to donate @ op-shops’ which I had been meaning to post for some time now… It had actually been sitting in our drafts folder for a few months and we got a really good response from our readers about it.

Big: Easy, I have written about cleaning with natural products. I did love doing the veggie garden post though and the photos were great they really showed what we can do in our little back yard .

So the last part of accepting the awards is that we now get to nominate a few of our favourite bloggers for this award

The Green Pavilion

Inglorious Plastics

Minimal Millennial

I Won’t Be A Hoarders Too

Decluttering My Life

Finding the Fabulous in Every Day


So now we get to ask these bloggers a new set of 11 questions…

1. How long have you been blogging?
2. If you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for?
3. Tea or coffee?
4. If you were offered the opportunity to live eternally, would you and why/why not?
5. Favourite author ?
6. Sunrise or sunset?
7. Your favourite quote?
8. If you could meet anyone, alive or dead who would it be?
9. Favourite post you’ve written?
10. Do you prefer summer or winter?
11. What’s your best party trick?

It’s so exciting to be recognized by our fellow bloggers, and these awards are a great way to connect with others. We hope you enjoyed our post!

Ps. If you haven’t heard of the Liebster Award before Lorraine Reguly’s Life explains it very well 🙂

Best Wishes!

Big and Little!


Books Finding a New Home

One of the best things about BNN is it will give us the chance to get rid of all the stuff we have lying around but are too sentimental to get rid of (my main weakness is books). I have come to terms with the fact that in order to get our home sorted out and looking fabulous I will have to part with many of the books I have accumulated throughout my reading years – of course I wont be getting rid of any of the very precious books I own… just the ones sitting around taking up precious shelf space.

I had been trying to think of what to do with the books because I want to make sure they get used and don’t just end up sitting in an op shop (I can just picture them on the shelf going ‘please pick me!‘), I used to volunteer at an op shop and know that books are one of the least commonly bought items. And after much deliberation I went into somewhere I’ve past on my many days to and from uni, it’s called the ‘Little Library‘ and is in Melbourne Central. To be frank it’s more of a community service than a shop, how it works is Melbournians can go into the shop and donate their old books or swap and share with others inside the store. I really like the fact that this is all free and not based around making a profit off my belongings, and this way I know my books will actually stay in circulation and be used.

So at some point in the next few weeks my no longer needed books will be finding themselves a new home in the Little Library.

If you want to read more about this initiative check out this link:

Also: Please don’t think I have something against op shops because I don’t – I just don’t want to give them my books 🙂

Little Pop