Day three: gift ideas we love

Your time


Giving someone your time is a great gift for people who need an extra pair of hands, your time could be used for:

  • Babysitting – especially good for new parents, it’s often hard to find a babysitter or they may feel embarrassed having to ask. This is perfect as it allows them to go out and spend some quality time together without the hassle of having to hunt down someone to take care of their little one.
  • Gardening – do you know someone who would love to be able to entertain but their back yard needs a bit of TLC? It’s so much more fun to garden when you have company, you can motivate each other, spend some time together, and share the accomplishment of seeing all the progress you have made at the end of the day.
  • Skill sharing – if you know a skill that your recipient has always been envious of (think interments, languages, needlework, cooking) set aside some time to help them learn or build upon that skill.

There are of course many other ways to give your time, this is just a snapshot for some inspiration. I remember when I was very little I locked Big Pop out of her bedroom and cleaned it all out. I transformed it into what I thought a day spa would look like (chocolates under the pillow, scented candles and folded towels on the dresser) and I pampered her all afternoon. She has always remembered this and how thoughtful it was, I will never regret the smile on her face that day.


Big Pops take on Buying Nothing New

‘Buy nothing new for a year’, is what Little Pop wanted for her 21st Birthday. As a parent I support my child in her their pursuits, this request was more than that for me.
Two years ago I left my job of 29 years, it was always a battle for us to pay the bills anyway, but when i was offered a generous redundancy package I took it as an opportunity for us to live the life we had always dreamed of (just for a while anyway!). For the past 1.5 years since I left work we have brought what we wanted with little thought about the impact the goods we
purchased were having on the environment. There came a point when I said ‘I don’t want any more junk!

To be honest I’m not entirely sure what I buy that is so bad, but Little Pop assures me that we will be significantly decreasing our environmental footprint by doing this. We still haven’t established any definitive rules around what we can and can’t buy (although we really should get onto doing that) but I plan on buying as much food as possible from local farmers and thus reducing the environmental costs associated with spraying, transporting and packaging the foods we buy (I know this isn’t really classified as buying nothing new but I am really planning on getting back to our roots when it comes to food).

Back to buying nothing new… We are a household of two girls so as you can imagine clothes are probably the biggest product we tend to buy new. We are a household of collectors, you never know when you will need it. We went to my wardrobe tonight and found a skirt I have had since I was 17 yrs old because ‘one day I will fit it!‘.

I would like to have a go at making things like skin care products myself from locally sourced resources wherever possible.
I plan on implementing a similar strategy in regards to cleaning products although this won’t be a huge difference to the way our household operates now. Due to health reasons i am unable to use powerful chemical cleaning products so most of the time we use natural home made cleaning products anyway. those who know me knows that I love my bicarb soda and lemon juice (these two are  must have for anyone looking to make their own cleaning products!) – soap flakes, natural oils and vinegar are also great! I plan on regularly putting up posts with various home made cleaning product recipes and showing the results they can have (for proof of course!) for anyone looking to take a more natural approach when it comes to the cleaning of the house.

Oh and lastly…something I’m looking forward to with ‘buy nothing new’ is de-cluttering our house! We have a third bedroom that is unusable due to’ stuff’ – note that cleaning this room does not mean buying storage solutions, but to really look at what we need and get rid of anything we no longer need.

I think our motto should be, ‘clean natural, eat in season, donate, up-cycle, recycle and live life chemical free.

Lets see how our Buy nothing new rule negotiation goes

Stay healthy and happy ..Big Pop.