First Trip to the Op-shop

Well not my first trip ever.

With Mothers day coming up I made a trip down to the to the rounds at the local op shops to see if I could find anything for Big Pop we are so lucky to live within walking distance to 4 op-shops.

I and boy did I get a serious reality check, I am so used to impulse buying that I have lost control over where my money goes – it’s just crazy! So I went down and bought some good quality jars for making jams and spreads, which is justified as we are currently running low after making some chutneys for various family members. Then I bought a new handbag and a dog bowl for puppy pop and a pair of silver plated salad tongs none of which we really needed. Then instead of going home feeling good about my purchases, I just got home and sat down and felt like an absolute sucker. I seem to purchase things because they’re there – not because I really need them at all and then I don’t even feel good about it afterwards. I didn’t even buy what I went there to buy in the first place – a mothers day gift! So I really need to become more conscious of what I’m buying and make sure I walk away feeling happy with myself.

I went home and had a big rant to Big Pop about how I felt and she thought it was hilarious!It’s not funny at all, I always wonder where my money goes and now I know… it just goes on useless junk I’ll never ever use.

So today was my first bad day as part of BNN and I thought I would have a vent on here. We all have success and failures and it just wasn’t my day I guess.

Little Pop