Twelve Things to Do Instead of buying ‘stuff’

  1. Go outside and explore your neighbourhood, Give a smile, a wave or a cheery ‘hello to people you pass by. You could walk, jog, bike ride or even roller blade around town. You might discover some cool shops or parks you didn’t know about before.
  2. Spend time with your pets (if you don’t have any, maybe you could borrow someones, ha!) treat your cat to some cheese, give her a big long cuddle on the couch. You could practice some obedience training with your dog or play hide and seek with him/her at the park. 
  3. Make funny eCards on JibJab 
  4. Find a nice spot outside to lie down and just enjoy the moment. Watch the clouds go by, feel the cool breeze and listen to the birds chatting in the trees.
  5. Go on Pintrest and try out a few of those projects or recipes you’ve ‘pinned’.
  6. Go through old photo albums.
  7. Write a haiku poem
  8. Get involved in your local community, join a club such a mothers club, gardening club or book club and meet some new people.
  9. Exercise! I am pretty lazy, and will admit I like to indulge in the ‘TV workout‘ 
  10. Read a book
  11. Do something you’ve been needing to do but have put off for way too long now such as mending holes in clothes, cleaning out the tupperware cabinet (which we’re still doing btw) or putting up wall hooks for art you’ve been meaning to put up.  
  12. Play a board game (we like Ticket to Ride, The Game of Life and Agricola, all of which are available on the Apple App Store to play multiplayer or single on iPad or iPhone)

Do you have any other suggestions?? 

Cute animal picture!


Little xx