Well Friday has come around again and since we’ve now been doing BNN for a little over a week I thought I would reflect on the progress we have made during the week.

On Sunday we went down to the farmers market and bought a nice sourdough loaf and then sat back and enjoyed a coffee and a Sri Lankan cooking demonstration as well as a nice bag o’ bones for puppy pop. We really love this market and would recommend it to anyone living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Monday we went into Collingwood and had a nice browse of the various op-shops where Little Pop purchased some funky sunglasses. We also stumbled upon a lovely shop run by the NGO Friends of the Earth where you can buy local produce package free (so environmentally friendly!). what you do is come along with a few old tupperware containers fill them up with whatever you’re in need of (chickpeas, pasta, muesli… maybe some kidney beans?) then you pay and take it home, just like a regular supermarket!

Tuesday we made a lovely mandarin jam which tastes great with a nice cheese or even just some plain toast πŸ™‚

Here is the recipe we followed:

Wednesday we received a lovely box of fruit and vegetables from CERES, a company dedicated to providing fresh, organic, fair trade, locally grown produce. It was so exciting, we had been anticipating what may be in the box since we ordered it on Sunday. I think one of the best bits is the mystery of not knowing what you will end up with. For just over $30 we got a whole box stacked full of yummy treats πŸ™‚

Photo: On the weekend Mum and I decided to purchase our weekly shopping online through CERES - An organisation committed to giving Melbournians access to organic, fair trade, locally grown produce + home delivery! Today our huge box arrived packed with goodies (all for just over $30) here is a small snapshot of what we received.

Thursday Big Pop did a big clean out of the corner of here bedroom, which has been blocking access to part of her wardrobe for months now (maybe years!) and ended up filling a bag with about 20kg of no longer needed clothing and she was so happy!

Now we have Friday, who knows what today will bring! Mothers Day is coming up this weekend what have you got planned?

I think we have been adjusting really well so far to our commitment to buy local and not be controlled by matierial items and being able to write this list has allowed me to visualise how hard we have been working. Something that did come up during the week which never really got settled was if BNN includes digital items such as apps and ebooks, what do you think?

Little Pop xx


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  1. thefearsefamily
    May 11, 2013 @ 12:03:07

    You have done so well for such a short time. Awesome!


  2. Me and Him
    May 14, 2013 @ 08:47:52

    Thanks Little and Big, you have certainly covered a lot of researching ground in a short time. Ceres looks a very handy way of getting all your organic goodies without running all over town, and we will certainly try them out (I had just read something in the Age today about picking up a box from Ceres at a new restaurant in the City – Spookie!)

    Did you find any treasures under the stuff in the bedroom? Or would that be TMI?
    Keep it Up!
    Me and Him


    • thriftypop
      May 14, 2013 @ 13:00:17

      Thanks Me and Him!
      We are really appreciating your comments on here, it’s nice to know people are actively reading!
      Big Pop says no treasures this time… Maybe the next pile we clean up will have something.
      The food from ceres was beautiful especially the oranges we got in our box which were so huge and juicy… Maybe the nicest I have ever had!
      Really worth trying out if you think it would suit your needs I would recommend it.


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